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Manage a careful balance between getting enough money to keep the Foundation running, researching anomalous objects, and keeping the world safe from what's out there.

For those unfamiliar with the Foundation, check out http://www.scp-wiki.net/

See the Community Board for information on the game and to contact me if you have any issues.

From the latest update:

  • 2 new SCPs
  • A new random event
  • Better clicky feel
  • Settings menu
  • Better version checking! :D
  • Scrooolling

This is a strategy "clicker"-type game. Early on, you need to carefully balance the rising danger with your need to make cash. Be careful to keep things under control as you do more and more, a careless click could lead to your downfall.


  • 15 SCPs
  • 2 randomly occurring events
  • 4 methods of getting cash (one of which may be changed)
  • 4 methods for reducing danger
  • numerous research opportunities
  • 2 automated features, not counting automated research

Note for Linux users: Requires the LÖVE game engine. Supports v0.9.1 to v0.10.2. Versions before 0.10.2 will need to be relaunched after resetting game data or losing.

If you want to see the latest version I'm working on, experimental builds are unlocked with a purchase above $1.


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Latest Build (Windows) Version 0.9.2+43 2 MB
Latest Build (Mac OS) Version 0.9.2+43 23 MB
Latest Build (Linux) Version 0.9.2+43 387 kB
Jam Version (Windows) Version 0.8.3-jam-final+20 2 MB
Jam Version (Mac OS) Version 0.8.3-jam-final+20 23 MB
Jam Version (Linux) Version 0.8.3-jam-final+20 366 kB
Experimental (Windows) Version 0.10.0-experimental+52 2 MB if you pay $1.00 USD or more
Experimental (Mac OS) Version 0.10.0-experimental+52 23 MB if you pay $1.00 USD or more
Experimental (Linux) Version 0.10.0-experimental+51 404 kB if you pay $1.00 USD or more

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